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Iron Brigade


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Show Reports

18th (Royal Irish) advancing

Claymore 2002, Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh - Saturday, 3 August
We put on a 25mm American War of Independence demonstration game at this year's event.  The battle was fictitious and entitled Glover's Wheatfield, 1781.  The name?  Well, we wanted to centre the struggle around Kevins scratch built wheatfield.  Its construction featured in a recent Wargames Illustrated and generated a great deal of interest at the show.  The game was also quite large battle, with about 15 units a side, being fairly untypical of the period an obvious solution was to make up our own encounter.

The scenario was based around a British relief column advancing to the aid of Cornwallis, besieged in Yorktown.  A flysheet accompanied the game, spelling out the finer points of the scenario, and we used our own set of self penned rules.  There's a set available to download in the Articles section.

It was extremely kind of the host club, SESWC, to award us joint first place.  We must admit to being taken aback by our co-winners game, the League of Augsburg put on Lutzen, during the Thirty Years' War.  Quite a spectacle it was and to be rated along side it was very flattering indeed.

All in all we had a terrific time in Edinburgh and returned home (300 mile round trip) tired, but well satisfied with our day.

Singleton's Artillery firing