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Iron Brigade


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Future Plans

What with babies and all, the forthcoming year will probably feature small to grand skirmishes.  However, this also allows us to extent our repertoire.  Planning a big game takes up a great deal of time, so with new parental responsibilities to the fore we will undoubtedly end up choosing an idea and beefing it up a bit for next year's demonstration game.  It will be a more modest offering than of late.

Currently we have loads of ideas, what we don't have is time:

Andrew is into Darkest Africa, though Jim and Kevin are taking some convincing! 

Kevin has recently acquired some Copplestone Castings Bolsheviks.  He has painted up a few and very nice they look too.  Jim was drooling over some HLBS armoured cars, so 1920s Central Asia is a possibility.

We also got hold of some Crusader Miniature WW2 pieces.  These are top notch and complement the Foundry Germans that have been kicking around for a while.  Perhaps a Dieppe style raid, who knows?

The Vietnam War may feature.  Andrew got some figures at Claymore and they paint up nicely.  Since then he has bought some NVA mail order.  At least it is another way of utilising jungle terrain!

Greeks predominate in the work-in-progress box.  Weve got about two 1,500 point armies yet to be undercoated.  We all enjoy the Warhammer Ancient Battles rules and this would make a nice change from Romans versus Barbarians.

The way we tend to work is to paint up some stuff, spark off a bit of enthusiasm and take it from there.  Hopefully all the above will feature, to some extent, on our games table over the next 12 months.  In any case we will post images of new stuff on the Gallery when available.